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The Importance of Study Abroad
Now more than ever, international education is essential to create a greater understanding between people of all nations
Study Abroad provides an opportunity to promote and celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. This initiative is part of an effort to encourage policies and programs that prepare individuals for a global environment and attract future leaders from abroad to study in the foreign countries. International Education Week celebrates ideals such as cultural understanding, diversity, and an appreciation for those different among us.

Study abroad celebrates these ideals by allowing individuals to experience and immerse themselves in other cultures. We need to recognize the importance of multiculturalism and explore the ways we can contribute to Global understanding.
The creation of more, not less, global awareness is necessary. In seeking to create a greater understanding between people of all nations, the role of international education becomes increasingly valuable. While knowledge is important in gaining understanding and promoting diversity, practice and experience are equally important. Studying abroad introduces a new environment through which knowledge can be gained in a real-time setting.
We must strive to understand one another, now more than ever. Perhaps we can best comprehend similarity and differences through a personal experience of another culture. The successes gained through these experiences both equip and prepare individuals to thrive in a global world. Through international education, we will become a more diversified, culturally aware and understanding world.
Study abroad providers constantly seek to ensure a maximum level of safety for study abroad participants. Official governmental resources should be utilized for monitoring safety in both study abroad and all foreign travel.
Study Abroad: Because the whole world is waiting to be explored !
Curtain Uni of Tech, Sydney
Monash University, Malaysia Campus
Edith Cowan University
ABAC–Assumption University, Thailand (First International University in Thailand. Established in 1972)
University of Wollongong, Dubai City
Murdoch University, Dubai City
William College, London
London College of Business & Management
Brunel University, London
Nanyang Ins Bus&Tech, Singapore
Informatics Group
Institute of Commerce
Cornell College, Auckland
Crown College
Going Places Educaton
International Islamic University, Malaysia
SeGi Colleges
Systematic Colleges
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