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Mrs. Rubabin Alam
Chairperson, a2z Study

Ms of International Law from Australian National Uni, Australia
Bachelor of Computer Science from North South Uni, Bangladesh

This message marks the 15th operation year of a2z Study. One of the country’s leading education consultant firm. Consistently, reviewed by relevant embassies as Top-5 leading education consulting firm in Bangladesh.

Our dedicated-well trained team did well to assist more than 2000 students on average every year . We assisted number of Universities including Uni of Wollongong (Australia-Dubai), Assumption Uni (Thailand), International Islamic Uni MAsia, Uni of Waikato (NZ) with their direct admission process from our officer to save time and money for our local students. Everybody has the right to hope for the best in life, whether it’s a privileged student living in the city or a student living in an isolated village. We try to assist all with the help of email or mail to reach everybody’s inquiries in most convenient way. Our response is not based on demand, which is huge, but on the methodical imperative way to guide all. We use comprehensive tools to guide each individual to pursue the right course. With our course materials, intelligent data, maps, country or Uni profile, students find necessary info conveniently to make a right decision for their future study. Our financial matrix is being very helpful for student visa assessment and eventually very high success rate.
Md. Shamim Hossain
Adviser, a2z Study

MIACT from Uni of Wollongong, Australia
BBA, ABAC-Thailand

It’s an immense pleasure to work with students and being able to serve and guide students when they are making one of the most crucial decisions of their life. I consider student counseling as similar job to a medical surgeon who wants to see all his patients get cured, or to a lawyer who wants to win all cases or similar to teaching profession where teachers want to pass on his knowledge to the next generation. We are all professionals at a2z Study. We are dedicated at work. We are pioneer in proper student consultancy in Bangladesh.

We can at least claim that we have more to offer. We have few unique authorities to work for few Australian Institutions than any other firms in Bangladesh to provide more supports on time. We operate as Admission Unit for few selected Universities in Bangladesh. So we have categorized as Group-A-B-C. Besides we have state of the art technologies to work on time round the clock and its always upgrading. We have more to achieve but personally I prefer to work with a particular group of students who are truly bona fide students and having honest intention to study abroad. Unlike any other firms, probably we are the only one check on University & Colleges before we represent them in the local market. Someone from a2z visits the place physically before we start working for them to assure the standard what institution promises are up to the level. So we can provide more info from Bangladesh and take our job to the next level to provide all other supports to settle a student there whenever it’s requested. a2z Study’s rapid growth has been based almost solely upon its reputation and the resulting.
Ummul Khair Nessa Ritu
Student Counselor, a2z Study

MBA, American International Uni Bangladesh
BBA, ASA Uni Bangladesh

Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating your-self. After the completion of my bachelor program, I joined the a2zstudy team to organize myself for the purpose of the students, who always like to go to summit of their career. This is my life, does what I like and do it often. If I don’t like something, I change it. Getting opportunities will help me find myself. As this is the day of high spirited world, where wrong decision may can change your life. We are here for search and offer best opportunity for student to study in abroad. Because some opportunities only come once, seize them. In my profession it is all about the students I meet, and the things I do to help them to pursue foreign degrees to stand on a world-standard recognition. And besides that I do love my profession. Because, it is not only my profession or something I have been allocated to do, but it is my passion.
Nadera Sultana Nadi
Manager - Public Relation & Administration, Banani Office

Master of Philosophy from Dhaka University
Language Spoken: Bengali, English

Working with a2z Study from 2001.Actually my dream job was to serve anywhere as a public relation officer. From my student life I was involved in debating, theater and student’s cultural and voluntary group and lastly I worked as a contributor in a notional daily. After completing my masters when I was looking for a suitable job then I joined as a counselor. And of course counseling gave me lot of interest, fun and enjoyment. I am taught how to face and interact with different kinds of people and serve them from the heart. Previous experience is also helping me to be a good counselor. For my work purpose I met different people and I like to talk & make them satisfied with my best possible service. Now I am fully settled and satisfied with my job.
Afroza Hossain Tithy
HR Manager, Team Leader Counseling Section - Banani Office
BSS, MA – National University.
Worked as “Sr. Counselor” at The Daily Ittefaq.
Fluent in Spoken: English and Bengali.

I try to understand the psychology of the students, that is, what they want and their interest and then I start taking info about them. A lot of detailed questions help to identify the seriously interested students in the applicant pool (and help to learn more about the background and goals of every student). I find that many qualified, interested (but harried) students skip away because of too long conversation, for them I tried to make my conversation short but effective. I tried to make my conversation interesting so that the student doesn’t get bored. Finding the right balance between the student and the counselor is very essential for the counseling job.
Md. Mazharul Islam
Assistant Manager, Operation

Life is a race of managerial strategy. Once a strategy fails, it becomes hardly possible to stand on the stable podium. I enjoy managing myself and others on to the door of success. What is difficult in life is to make an important decision about life’s silk route on which almost all other things rely. As this is the day of high competitive world, where one single wrong decision may drag anybody down to an unfathomable painfulness, we remain high to forge ahead with our earnest skill to make a way out for the dream-loving and optimistic students pursuing foreign degrees to stand on a world-standard recognition. I do love my profession from the bosom of my heart. Because, it is not something I have been assigned to do, but it is something I love to do.
Maksudur Rahman Saikat
Asst. Manager, Customer Service – Banani Office EMBA (Banking), DU – Continuing. BSS (International Relations) from Dhaka University.
Worked as Customer Manager at Grameenphone Ltd.
Language spoken in: Bengali, English

To me counseling is a responsible but interesting job because a counselor helps a person to achieve his complete career potential. As it is mostly associated with students’ career so that I get an opportunity to develop the power of organization within students who are not normally aware of their ability. As a Asst. Manager, Customer Service I can also guide young learners by offering a wide range of career information and support in building their confidence to make their future. As a Whole, I cannot consider anything better than this as a profession. Dhaka Uni students are welcome to visit me here.
Pronoy Chakma
Student Counselor

Hailing from the vast tracks of hilly cliffs and natural ravines of the Chittagong Hill Tracts, I came to be a person of naturalistic behavior of loving people and assisting them. After the completion of my masters program, I joined the a2zstudy team to mobilize myself for the purpose of the students, who always like to go to the pinnacle of their career. The friendly temperament of my colleagues galvanizes me into inculcating my mind with the homely atmospheric quality of the office. Besides, the students are the most sacred entities to fixate my mind taking their worries and considering those as of my own. Nothing could be much better than that of the inner tranquility—the tranquility of having profuse amount of acknowledgment and thanking. After all, to lead a life of a human being one must relinquish egocentrism and forward his assistance for someone’s purpose. One can attain money by investing money but love, affection, and acknowledgment can neither be sold nor bought in exchange of money. An abstract thing like likings, fellow-feeling can never be supplanted with money. And I have got the abstract satisfaction, over which any earthly object can hardly topple.
Mizanur Rahman
Office Assistant- Banani Office

Hi, I am very glad to become a part of a2z family.
Curtain Uni of Tech, Sydney
Monash University, Malaysia Campus
Edith Cowan University
ABAC–Assumption University, Thailand (First International University in Thailand. Established in 1972)
University of Wollongong, Dubai City
Murdoch University, Dubai City
William College, London
London College of Business & Management
Brunel University, London
Nanyang Ins Bus&Tech, Singapore
Informatics Group
Institute of Commerce
Cornell College, Auckland
Crown College
Going Places Educaton
International Islamic University, Malaysia
SeGi Colleges
Systematic Colleges
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