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a2z Study organizes student visa for you. Don't Need sponsor. 
Tuition fees are similar to Top ranking private Uni in Dhaka. 
ABAC is known as Beverly Hills in Asia.   
Preferred List of Providers
ABAC - Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand
(1st International University in Thailand. Established in 1972)

Asian Institute of Technology(AIT)
Coming soon .....
Why Study at ABAC in Thailand ?

Shah Nawaz
Assumption Uni – ABAC, Thailand, 2010

Expect all unexpected at ABAC. This is not a Uni, this is a palace in Thai Prasad Assumption.
Curtain Uni of Tech, Sydney
Monash University, Malaysia Campus
Edith Cowan University
ABAC–Assumption University, Thailand (First International University in Thailand. Established in 1972)
University of Wollongong, Dubai City
Murdoch University, Dubai City
William College, London
London College of Business & Management
Brunel University, London
Nanyang Ins Bus&Tech, Singapore
Informatics Group
Institute of Commerce
Cornell College, Auckland
Crown College
Going Places Educaton
International Islamic University, Malaysia
SeGi Colleges
Systematic Colleges
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